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"We are fated,
despite being beloved."

Humans were born beloved by the gods. However, despite being born from the same father, a Titan, humans were powerless compared to every other being, be it gods or daemons. In order to protect mankind, the gods decided to create two separate realms. Terra, for humans, and Caelis, for the immortal beings--two realms separated by a plane known as the Void.

However close the primary gods were to men, they chose to silently observe and let humans flourish on their own. They walk amongst us with no one realizing, except for a select few chosen ones; chosen humans who were bestowed with special powers. These humans, with the guidance of the gods, protect Terra from anyone who dare harms it. For reasons unknown, this part of human history was erased and forgotten, and even the existence of the gods remains only but a blur.

Astrea is about a boy who unknowingly follows his fate. That is--meeting a mysterious girl and being led to another world--then realizing that the Terra he knows was much different than what it was made out to be. Should he protect the only world he knows of, or should he unravel the secrets of the realm that was mysteriously 'erased'? Only you can decide.



Each person has a destiny in this world that they have to fulfill. However, no celestial being knows of your destiny so you weave it with your own hands.



The Olympians walk among us, guising themselves as humans. They aim to protect us, but hides in secrecy. What are they protecting us from?



Terra is the only world man knows. Only that and the afterlife is what is true to us. Caelis is a much different, perhaps harsher, world. Now its existence has been wiped from all knowledge.



Inside everybody is a fire. Inside everybody is a blessing. Fate brings us all together.


Zhou Xuan (Shu)

Shu is the players' personification in this world. As a single parent who is often busy, his father depends on Shu to look after himself. Hence, making Shu a dependable one. As a player, you will shape Shu to your liking.


Explore Two Realms

Meet gods, humans, and daemons and learn more about them. Find shops and interactable objects throughout your exploration.

Fight immortal beings, both gods and daemons alike

Test your strength and go beyond mortal limits. Face inhabitants from the beyond.

Hybrid Deck Building/Action RPG

Execute orbs that determine what your attacks will be. Change executable orbs and turn the tide against foes; use items to gain more orbs for the perfect deck for annihilation and strategy.

Merge attack orbs to Create skill orbs

By merging different orbs, you create new and stronger attacks.

Setup your orbs to perform the strongest Ignition attack!

Scorch your enemies using orb combinations that activate very special skills.


We are Spica Ink and we are a small game development studio

Our current project, Astrea: Star of Thelema is our first one. Despite it being our first, we are aiming as high as the stars. We aim to create a game that we ourselves would like to play, and tell a story that we would like to read and experience over and over again. We are fans of games and are highly inspired and fired up to make one of our own. Astrea is where our talents, knowledge, and passions meet. Just like the Spica star, together we hope to shine brighter.

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